Monday, 3 August 2015

do we realise?

Why the dismissal of  APJ ABDUL KALAM was so despairing for whole nation…?
Was it his researches and achievements or because he was our ex- president ,
NO!!, because 80 % of us (approximately) can’t even understand his research work at the space station. can we?
And I am sure he is not the only working there (at his workplace).
Can you recall the name of the scientist in your mind who recently got bharat ratana along with a famous cricketer . you have to think !!! Dr. Rao.
but ,you surely remember
the name of the cricketer , don’t you??
Yes! Sachin tendulkar ..
Why you feel attached to some personalities (Apj abdul kalam, sachin tendulkar and mother terresa and few more)whom you only have seen on a television or newspaper ..
For instance I am not a hardcore fan of cricket I won’t be able to locate where is the deep mid wicket, fine leg ,square leg on the field is but , when sachin got retired I was also in grief  ..
I think the first thing what make these personalities different is ,how they are as humans , the warmth and love they give to every person they connect with .
The second thing is how they conduct their life(with simplicity) , the discipline and morals they choose and they never compromise with the dignity .
Last but not the least the determination and dedication they have for their work, whatsoever !
Work always comes first for them..
Now when you conclude you will know the reason  for the grief you had in your heart when kalam left  ..
Jai hind!

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